The Outlook Is Rough For Electronic Retailers [RadioShack Corporation, Best Buy Co Inc,, Inc.]

evilcomputerIf you’ve read the news recently, you know that the outlook is rough for electronics retailer RadioShack Corporation (NYSE:RSH). So rough that a B. Riley & Co. analyst cut his price target on the company from $1 per share to $0.

And if RadioShack continues on the path we’ve seen this week, it won’t take long.

Currently at $1.28, shares of RadioShack saw a 10% drop on Tuesday and another 8% drop yesterday. This year, the company’s shares have lost more than half their value.

At the end of last year, RadioShack had about $550 million in assets. Now, just six months later, it has about $424 million.

Considering Circuit City’s similar collapse in 2009, is

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