The (Western) March Towards World War III Continues

Far more damning, however, is what is being asserted today in Western media. As reported by the Associated Press, and parroted word-for-word in thousands of Western media tentacles; the pro-West government in Kiev has now formally declared war on Russia:

Kiev, Ukraine (AP) – Russian military forces have been spotted in both major rebel-held cities in eastern Ukraine, an official said Tuesday, prompting Ukraine to declare that it now has to fight the Russian army, not just the separatists. [emphasis mine]

Several important points need to be made with respect to this propaganda-warped statement. First, and most importantly; like most of the anti-Russia propaganda from Western media, there is no independent confirmation of any of these phantom “Russian military forces” being spotted in Ukrainian cities.

The second, important point here is that even if soldiers of the Russian army had been “spotted” in Ukrainian territory, no “declaration” of any kind is required in order for the Ukraine government to attack (alleged) Russian forces inside the borders of Ukraine. Such aggression falls under the loose umbrella of “self defence”, which is universally recognized both at a societal level, and under international law.

It is only if the Ukraine government intended to attack Russian military forces extra-territorial (i.e. inside Russia itself) where, under international law, governments are expected to make such formal declarations. While this (deliberately convoluted) declaration of war reported by Western media was intended to slip past the propaganda-numbed minds of Western inhabitants; we get an unequivocal expression of intent simply from the use of one word.

Governments which engage (purely and legitimately) in “self-defence” always express their actions in the following form: “we have the right…” to do this, and “we have the right…” to do that. This is because, as previously noted, self-defence is a universally recognized “right” under international law.

It is only governments which intend to carry out offensive acts of military aggression which ever (unilaterally) “declare” their intentions. With the Puppet Government in Kiev “declaring” that “it now has to fight the Russian army”, there is only one possible/rational way in which such language can be interpreted: as a formal declaration of war by this pro-West government against Russia.

At this point; the remainder of this (potential) script toward World War III becomes clear:

1)   The Ukraine government launches an attack(s) against Russian forces inside Russia.

2)   Russia retaliates (as it has a right to do, according to international law)

3)   The Western media censor all reports of the attack on Russia by Ukraine, and instead report Russia’s retaliation as “an act of unprovoked military aggression”.

4)   With the corrupt Western bloc (i.e. NATO) having already “pledged” itself to (supposedly) “defend the government of Ukraine”; this is all that is required for NATO to become formally at war with Russia.

For those readers who find this to be a flimsy pretext for a world-war; simply check your “history” books. According to all reports; our first World War was started entirely by accident. While that narrative may be just as fictional as most of the rest of our “history”; it shows us how the Old World Order can incite enormous military conflagrations out of the tiniest embers of conflict.

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