Time To Buy Oil and Gas Stocks [Chevron Corporation, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Schlumberger Limited.]

The exception would be during what technicians call a highkurtosis event. This can get pretty complicated, so I’ll just give you the bottom line. “Kurtosis” is something statisticians use to identify a very large deviation from the norm over a short period of time.

We have experienced this scenario a few times in the last several years, and each occasion has resulted in disproportionately negative results for energy stocks. Deviations like these happen all the time because markets are never static.

But when more of the downward moves are concentrated in short intervals, it’s a sign that a kurtosis is taking place. These are not usual and they are not merely corrections. It feels like the floor has dropped away.

However, there are almost always signs such a shift is about to take place. And we have none of them currently. Unfortunately, the wild card here is always geopolitical events.

Nonetheless, for the moment, dollar-cost averaging is a safe bet with normally solid oil and gas stocks.

Money MorningWritten By Kent Moors From Money Morning

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