Two ETFs To Play The Bearish Side Of Oil Prices

In fact, if the U.S. continues to produce more oil and if the country allows the transport of oil from Canada along the Keystone line, we will probably see a declining need for OPEC oil.

In the end, there could be a time when gasoline oil prices decline much lower as we move forward.

With this in mind, you could look to play the bearish side of oil prices via the use of bearish exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that profit as oil prices decline, like PowerShares DB Crude Oil Short ETN (NYSEARCA:SZO). For more aggressive traders, there’s PowerShares DB Crude Oil Double Short ETN (NYSEARCA:DTO); however, the risk is high with these ETFs, so I’d advise that only traders consider this option.

This article is brought to you courtesy of George Leong from Profit Confidential.

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