U.S. Traded ETF Sponsor Sites

U.S. Traded ETF Sponsor Sites   SOURCE: www.masterdata.com
Below is a listing of all U.S. traded ETF Sponsors with actively trading Exchange Traded Funds
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 ——————————————————————————————————————————————ishares_logo2iShares is the contribution to the world of personal investment management from Barclays Global Investors, the world’s largest manager of indexed investment products.


State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) is the investment management arm of State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT) and the largest institutional fund manager in the world.       

powershares_logoPowerShares ETFs are aligned with some of the leading ETF companies as service providers, including the American Stock Exchange LLC, The Bank of New York, LaBranche Structured Products LLC, Kellogg Capital Group, Goldman Sachs & Co. and Invesco Aim Distributors, Inc.


Powershares BLDRS are a family of exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) based on The Bank of New York ADR IndexSM, a real-time index tracking U.S. traded depositary receipts. Powershares BLDRS represent a way to diversify your institutional or retail portfolio by investing in depositary receipts at low expense ratios.

HOLDRS are securities that represent an investor’s ownership in the common stock or ADRs of specified companies in a particular industry, sector or group. HOLDRS allow investors to own a diversified group of stocks in a single investment that is highly transparent, liquid and efficient.       
vanguard_Vanguard ETFs range from highly targeted sectors to international markets to broad domestic indexes.  Built on 30 years of indexing expertise.  Designed for better market tracking.  Significantly lower costs than other ETFs.


Rydex has experienced phenomenal growth since its early pioneering days when it launched such industry innovations as Rydex Nova Fund—the first leveraged benchmark mutual fund available to the public.  Rydex now manages more than $14 billion in assets² via more than 60 investment products including mutual funds and ETFs.

currencyshares_logoThe Rydex CurrencyShares products offer investors and institutions a convenient and cost-effective method of gaining investment benefits similar to that of holding foreign currencies. The foreign currencies market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. 

First Trust®, a unit investment trust (UIT) product line, was created in 1974, and is currently sponsored by First Trust Portfolios L.P. Since 1974, approximately 2500 products have been deposited, providing customers all over the world with strategically diverse investment opportunities.

ProShares take exchange traded funds (ETFs) to the next level, making it easy to implement complex investment strategies in a single trade. Like ordinary ETFs, ProShares offer a simple way to gain exposure to market indexes. But ProShares also provide innovative new ways to manage risk and enhance return potential in your portfolios.       

WisdomTree Investments, Inc., is a publicly traded company specializing in the creation of proprietary stock indices. WisdomTree Investments is the parent company of WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc. WisdomTree Asset Management is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is the investment adviser to the WisdomTree Trust, a family of numerous ETFs. As investment adviser, WisdomTree Asset Management has overall responsibility for the general management and administration of each fund of the Trust.

Seeks to provide investment returns that closely correspond to the price and yield performance of the Nasdaq Composite Index.

Founded in 1955, Van Eck Associates Corporation was among the first U.S. money managers helping investors achieve greater diversification through global investing.
Today the firm continues the 50+ year tradition by offering global investment choices in hard assets, emerging markets, precious metals including gold, and other specialized asset classes.

Claymore ETFs provide access to innovative indexes distinctly designed as investment solutions. Unlike ETFs that track traditional indexes representing market participation, the indexes Claymore ETFs track seek to best capture the investment potential of unique strategies.


United States Commodity Funds LLC (“USCF”), the General Partner and manager of United States Oil Fund, LP (“USO”), United States Natural Gas Fund, LP (“UNG”), United States 12 Month Oil Fund, LP (“USL”), United States Gasoline Fund, LP (“UGA”) and United States Heating Oil Fund, LP (“UHN”) does not have a web site, but instead individual web sites for each of its five commodity based ETFs.

XShares Group, Inc., a New York based financial services company, was founded in 2005 by Jeffrey Feldman and several experienced financial professionals. The company secured an exemptive order from the SEC to launch ETFs in November 2006. XShares Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of XShares Group, Inc., develops focused and innovative exchange traded funds.

SAN FRANCISCO–January 15, 2009–Grail Advisors, an innovator in the development and distribution of active Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), has filed a registration statement for two new actively managed ETFs, the Grail American Beacon Large Cap Value ETF and the Grail American Beacon International Equity ETF. The funds represent the industry’s first actively managed  ETFs in the equity space using traditional active management.

GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index Fund (GCC) is an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) that provides an innovative and efficient way to deliver broad based, diversified commodity exposure. It aims to achieve this by using futures contracts to track the Continuous Commodity Index-Total Return (CCI-TR)†. The CCI-TR is an equal weighted index of 17 commodities plus an additional Treasury Bill yield.

Through the North Track NYSE Arca Tech 100 Index Fund, an investor has the opportunity to own shares in a mutual fund which represents 100 companies in 14 different technology-related industries. The objective of this fund is to replicate the total return of the NYSE Arca Tech 100 Index.

Direxion is a pioneer in providing sophisticated investment solutions and helping investors optimize their portfolio strategies. Our multi-directional and leveraged products offer the opportunity for investors to effectively manage risk and returns in all market conditions.

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