Why is the Demand for Gold in India Falling?

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Reports from India indicate gold imports dropped 21.43 billion USD in the April-October months this year (2019) compared to 2018.  That’s an 18.4% drop which is significant in anyone’s book.

Regular followers of The Gold Enthusiast know he watches Indian gold figures closely, as India is often the world’s largest importer of raw gold.  Indian consumers are traditionally among the world’s highest purchasers of new gold jewelery and small gold bars, thanks to gold-gifting customs related to their marriage and gifting seasons.

But a few years ago the Indian government decided they wanted a piece of the action, and imposed a 5% VAT tax on many forms of gold. This, along with an unfortunate recession, caused gold-everything sales to plummet in the country. The government has since reversed much of the VAT and demand is slowly returning.

But longer-term effects of the tax policies may have changed things for the worse for India. Unconfirmed reports over the summer indicated some Indian jewelery companies moved production to other countries to escape the VAT.  Today’s report (cited above) is the first official mention of such moves your Gold Enthusiast has seen.

What it means to gold market followers is there may be a new normal for Indian gold import figures. We will have to see if this quarter’s gold figures are similar to the 18%+ drop noted above.

One side effect we’re sure no gov’t official thought of is the move of some jewelry production to other countries.  As the US found out with the NAFTA agreement, job reductions for the local population are no joke in the long-term.  Once lost such jobs are often hard to win back. And for the hard-pressed Indian middle- and lower-classes, any reduction in jobs is a serious thing.

We’ll continue to keep our eye on the Indian gold market, and keep you posted.


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