Why Some Think Natural Gas ETF Could Be Seeing a Spike

naturalgasNatural gas prices are low, but one CEO is predicting a big rebound that could benefit related exchange traded funds (ETFs). Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s CEO Aubrey K. McClendon said that the current price levels aren’t strong enough to support a North American rig count, which is setting the stage for a “dramatic” reversal, reports Randy Ellis for News OK.

How high prices will go, no one is claiming to know. But McClendon points out that a year ago, prices were too high at $12 to $13 per thousand cubic feet; now they’re far too low, at $3.50 per thousand cubic feet.

Full Story: http://www.etftrends.com/2009/05/why-some-think-natural-gas-etf-could-be-seeing-spike.html

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