Gold Miner Fundamentals About to Improve

The cost of mining real money (i.e. Gold) out of the ground is about to decrease relative to the cost of Gold (again). Fundamentals DO NOT immediately translate into stock price changes, but they lay the groundwork for stock prices to change at some point in the future. I am intermediate-term bearish on senior Gold […]

Time decline in grain harvest

Since March, 2008, temperatures around the world have been below average. Cool weather conditions are starting to impact grain crops, particularly in North America. The possibility of a world grain shortage exists. The U. S. Depart ment of Agriculture (USDA) monthly World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimate report revealed last week that corn reserves at […]

Commodities recap evening of 23rd June, 09

Bullions remained choppy, as weaker dollar against euro helped gold to retain upside momentum but investors awaited direction from the Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting starting later in the day. The dollar held steady against a basket of major currencies, and traders said the U.S. currency’s strength was weighing on bullion. The global economy is […]

Investing in the ‘New Normal’

In May, real estate developers met in Las Vegas to discuss the future of the American shopping mall. Judging by The New York Times‘ account of the conference, many developers were reluctant (or unwilling) to entertain the idea that the post-financial crisis world could be much different than the environment that preceded it. Not only […]

Interested In Investing in Solar and Renewable Energy? Try Related ETF’s

There are a number of ETF’s that focus on the solar/renewable market sector. These ETF’s invest in multiple companies within the Solar and Renewable Energy sectors offering you exposure to the sector without having to bet on one individual company. Below are some examples of some of the ETF’s that are currently available and what they have done so far this […]

Don’t Ignore Indonesia

The world’s third-largest democracy boasts a strong economy and a near-term catalyst for further gains, writes Carl T. Delfeld of Chartwell ETF Global Report. One country often overlooked by investors is Indonesia. This is unfortunate given that it has the world’s fourth largest population, is the world’s largest Muslim country and is the world’s third […]