Are ETFs the Philosopher’s Stone?

Within the medieval pseudoscience of alchemy there was a centuries-long search for a tool, the philosopher’s stone, that could turn worthless lead into ever-desirable gold. There has been a similar quest in the ETF world for the past few months: Could an ETF of toxic bank assets help the current financial crisis by converting impossible-to-sell securities into […]

Commodities a golden investment opportunity

Exchange-traded funds have emerged as a cost-effective and popular way to gain exposure, as they allow the purchase of specific commodities in small lots, without taking delivery. “Actual delivery, however, does take place by the fund, which means it’s only available in more liquid markets such asgold, silver and oil,” the ANZ’s Pervan says. Apart […]

3 Ways To Stop Cannibalizing Your Portfolio

By definition, cannibalizing describes an act where a person’s attempt to improve a condition backfires against an existing situation. Not willingly, nevertheless very effectively, investors have been cannibalizing their own portfolios. Enticed by a multi-decade bull market, many investors tried to improve their portfolio’s return. Based on the almighty wisdom of the risk/reward principle, we […]

Try Putting Your Bad Trades On The Couch

ETF providers entice investors to new offerings with gain-enhancing features like “risk exposure,” “retirement solutions” and “investment strategies.” The list goes on. But regardless of what you buy or what happens in the market, the outcome ultimately depends on what’s happening in your brain, says Janice Dorn, a financial psychiatrist and gold futures trader. Dorn […]

Schwab To Enter ETF Arena

One of the world’s biggest financial services firms has decided to throw its hat into the ETF marketplace. On Jan. 30, Charles Schwab & Co. (NASDAQ: SCHW) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for exemptive relief that would allow it to create ETFs. The fund described in the filing would track the Dow Jones […]