The “Silent Rally” In Gold

It was a typical options expiration week with markets showing a lassitude that normally accompanies this event.  Trading volume was relatively low and action was lacking for the most part across the board as traders seemed to be on a mental vacation this week.    The SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) was up for the […]

Yes, you can keep 401(k) costs in check

In fact, it is possible to manage 401(k) plans for well under 0.75 percent. I’ve written about it for years. It can be done by any worker who invests in index mutual funds or exchange-traded index funds. It can be done by following William Bernstein’s directions for “the coward’s portfolio,” Bill Schultheis’ instructions for his […]

How To Use Options With ETFs

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are useful investment tools and trading options on ETFs is one of the many ways you can maximize the benefits of them. Trading options on ETFs could potentially allow traders to use the leverage of derivative markets to increase gains from ETF trades, writes David Penn for Yahoo! Finance. It should […]

MacroMarkets Terminating Oil Up/Down ETPs

InvestmentNews reported Friday that MacroMarkets LLC will be closing its oil funds. The MacroShares $100 Oil Up Trust (NYSE Arca: UOY) and the MacroShares $100 Oil Down Trust (NYSE Arca: DOY) will cease trading on June 25, with distribution payments made to shareholders on July 6, the article said. The trusts hold Treasuries and assets […]

Barclays confirms ‘expressions of interest’ in BGI

Barclays PLC officials today confirmed they’ve received “a number of expressions of interest, including unsolicited interest” in BGI, its money management division. Gemma Abbott, Barclays spokeswoman, declined to provide further details about the bids for BGI…… ……“Barclays will update the market further upon the conclusion of the go-shop process,” according to the statement. Separately, banking […]

Shiller: Now You Can Short Housing (ETF: DMM)

“One reason we have bubbles in the housing market is because there’s been no way to short housing,” the Yale professor tells Time. “The ability to short is essential to an efficient market, otherwise there’s nothing to stop zealots from pricing things abnormally high.” One version of the ETF (UMM) allows investors to buy the […]

Semiconductors Conduct A Comeback (ETF: SMH, PSI)

Recent commentary from management at Applied Materials (Nasdaq:AMAT), Intel (Nasdaq:INTC) and Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD) seems to indicate the current semiconductor cycle is in a bottoming process, providing an opportunity for investors willing to make that bet. Applied Materials Reports Messy Quarter Applied Materials, which manufactures capital equipment for sale to Intel and others, recently […]

Opposites Attract

At this week’s Financial News conference on “Investing in ETFs” John Godden, head of London-based hedge fund advisor IGS Group, spoke of the convergence of the hedge fund and ETF industries. This may seem strange at first sight, since the two types of fund sit at opposite extremes.  One type of fund structure is associated […]