The Downside Bets With Inverse ETFs

“Don’t be fooled by bear market rallies, which are sharp, short-lived and, in some cases, extremely powerful,” says Martin Weiss. In his The Safe Money Report, he looks at inverse ETFs. “Bear market rallies prompt short-sellers to panic, bears to mellow, bulls to come out of hiding, and Washington to declare ‘the worst is over.’ […]

ETFs & Diversification: A Study Of Correlations

One important facet of portfolio construction and portfolio management is diversification. By offsetting the risk associated with individual assets, diversification reduces the variability of portfolio returns. To achieve diversification, the returns on the various assets in a portfolio should not be highly correlated. Adding securities whose returns are highly correlation does not reduce the variability […]

Kotak Securities (India) introduces trading platform providing direct access to equities, ETF’s and Real Estate Investment Trusts spanning 24 international stock exchanges

Brokerage firm Kotak Securities today tied up with Denmark-based Saxo Capital Markets to launch a trading platform that provides real-time access to equities across 24 stock exchanges.   Kotak Trader provides direct access to equities, ETF’s and Real Estate Investment Trusts spanning 24 stock exchanges across the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, Kotak Securities said […]

Doctor Doom and the price of gold (ETF: GLD)

The “final and total catastrophe of the currency system”, is in this case the dollar. If you believe that’s where we are headed then gold still has some way to go. To believe it doesn’t is to believe the worst is pretty much over, that the excesses have all been unwound, that the central banks […]

Has The Next Investing Bubble Begun With This ETF?

Every month Merrill Lynch (or Bank of America Securities-Merrill Lynch for you scorekeepers) checks in with a bunch of big time money managers to take their bullish/bearish temperature. Collectively the 400 or so global managers in the May survey are pushing the buttons controlling portfolios worth nearly $1 trillion, so we’re not talking about a […]

Zions upgrade lifts regional banks, KRE XLF ETFs

A 12% jump in shares of Utah’s Zions Bancorp sparked healthy gains in the broader financial sector on Tuesday, particularly among its fellow regional banks. Morgan Stanley analyst Ken Zerbe upgraded Zions’ (ZION) shares to overweight from equal weight, saying, “We believe the valuation of Zions has become quite compelling for long-term investors. We believe Zions […]

Pick A Retirement Date With These ETF’s

The exchange-traded fund industry has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years due to the significant advantages of these investment vehicles over traditional mutual funds and individual securities. Perhaps most notably, ETFs offer investors a cost-efficient mechanism to gain access to a diversified basket of securities. ETFs allow investors to create a well-diversified investment portfolio by […]

Retail Funds Take Cue From Pensions

If you can’t always beat them, it’s time to join them.  Low-fee index mutual funds and ETFs (exchanged-traded funds) are creeping into fund of funds portfolios. And these offerings appear to mimic moves by pension managers, which invest in active and passive strategies as well as other assets like real estate whose values do not […]