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Financial Armageddon Approaches As U.S. Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

banksDid you know that there are 5 “too big to fail” banks in the United States that each have exposure to derivatives contracts that is in excess of 30 trillion dollars? 
ETF BASIC NEWS December 30, 2015 2:07pm

Top Ranked Regional Banking ETF In Focus

in focus spotlightThe finance sector has been the earnings leader this year, adding double-digit returns so far this year. It contributed 19.2% to the Index earnings year to date, the highest among all sectors.
NYSE:KRE December 23, 2013 3:50pm

Too Big To Fail Banks Are Taking Over

banksThe too big to fail banks (NYSEARCA:XLF) have a larger share of the U.S. banking industry than they have ever had before.  So if having banks that were too big to fail was a "problem" back in 2008, what is it today?  As you will read about below, the total number of banks
NYSE:FAS December 3, 2013 6:47pm

The Long-Term Consequences Of A Sinking U.S. Dollar

dollar etfMartin D. Weiss: While the stock market has been rising, the U.S. dollar has been sinking.
NYSE:GLD October 28, 2013 2:50pm

Stay Away From Big U.S. Banks

banksMike Larson: Un-investible. It’s an ugly word, but it’s exactly how I would describe the shares of major U.S. banks (NYSEARCA:XLF). If you own any of them — JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Wells Fargo
NYSE:XLF October 25, 2013 4:10pm

The Danger In U.S. Banks; Why Warren Buffett Is Wrong (XLF, FAS, FAZ, BAC, WFC, GS, JPM)

Ben Gersten: Warren Buffett has made billions since the financial crisis by investing in U.S. banks, including Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFC) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE:GS).
NYSE:FAS January 14, 2013 12:34pm

22 Warning Signs Of Serious Doom Ahead For Global Financial Markets (GLD, SLV, TZA, FAS, SDS)

Michael Snyder: If you enjoy watching financial doom, then you are quite likely to really enjoy the rest of 2012.  Right now, red flags are popping up all over the place.  Corporate insiders are selling off stock

NYSE:FAS April 24, 2012 10:46pm

The Next Financial Crisis: Too Big To Fail Banks Continue To Grow In Size (XLF, FAS, SKF, C, BAC, MS, BAC, GS)

Michael Snyder:  The Democrats, the Republicans and especially Barack Obama promised that something would be done about the too big to fail banks so that they would never again be a threat to

NYSE:FAS April 17, 2012 9:36pm

15 Potentially Massive Threats To The U.S. Economy Over The Next 12 Months (VGK, XLF, BAC, JPM, EWP, UGA)

Michael Snyder:  We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and the potential for an event that could cause "sudden change" to the U.S. economy is greater than ever.  There are dozens of potentially massive threats that

NYSE:EWP March 5, 2012 10:34pm

Lord James of Blackheath: The $15 TRILLION Dollar Money-Laundering Mystery (XLF, SKF, GLD, SLV, AGQ, SPXU)

Jeff Nielson: Where did it come from? Where did it go? These are the two principal questions being framed today, after Lord James of Blackheath (a member of the UK House of Lords) unveiled

NYSE:AGQ February 23, 2012 10:51pm

Why The European Central Bank’s Long Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO) Is Bullish For Stocks

Jack Barnes:  If you listen to the talking heads, there is no end in sight to the Euro crisis. Even with the European Central Bank's (ECB) recent Long Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO), Greece is still making all the headlines.
NASDAQ:EUFN February 13, 2012 1:44pm

Why New Danger Of A Systemic Collapse Is Far Greater Today Than At Almost Any Time (TZA, FAZ, FAS, TNA)

Martin Weiss: Some stock investors never seem to learn. They hope and pray for a new government rescue from Washington or Brussels. They wait with bated breath for each official sign of money printing, interest-rate cuts, or financial bailouts.
NASDAQ:EUFN December 14, 2011 1:31pm

Guru Says Look For Gold’s Glorious “Rubber Band” Price Launch In 2012 (GLD, SLV, GDX, GDXJ, DZZ, IAU)

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: Get the checkbooks out, because the flight into gold (NYSEARCA:GLD) is about to commence, says economist and NY Times best selling author Dr. Stephen Leeb.  But a liquidity crisis sell off in gold may provide that opportunity, first.
NYSE:DZZ December 8, 2011 12:12pm

Richard Russell: Expect A Jolt In Commodity Prices In The Near Future (GLD, SLV, GDX, AGQ, IAU, UGL)

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: Following the surprise announcement on Wednesday that six central banks have lowered dollar swaps rate by 50 basis points in an effort to allow European banks to bypass a rising LIBOR rate, Dow Theory Letter author Richard Russell told King World News investors
NYSE:AGQ December 7, 2011 11:24am

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