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Our goal is simple…to help investors enjoy more investment success through the unique benefits of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

We accomplish this vital mission in 2 key ways.

1) Focus on the SMART Grades

This is our exclusive ETF ratings system which analyzes each fund based on 4 different measures of its attractiveness. In the end it finds the most timely ETFs ready to outperform. Here are links to the top SMART Grades resources on the site:

2) Expert Commentary

ETFDailyNews.com is headed by Steve Reitmeister (but most everyone calls him “Reity”). He has over 40 years of investing experience including nearly 20 years leading Zacks.com, which has helped millions of investors find a path to outperformance.

Reity is the visionary behind what you find on ETFDailyNews.com.  He wanted investors to have a focused and uncluttered experience. This reduction in “Information Overload” leads to increased investment success by spending more of your time on the things that matter. Such as the best ETFs stemming from a proven model like the SMART Grades. And narrowing down commentary to what is truly essential to get you on the right path.

Steve also shares his in-depth market commentary and hand selected picks in the Reitmeister Total Return portfolio.

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