4 Agricultural ETFs Soaring In 2014 [PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund, Teucrium Wheat Fund]

Agriculture ETFAlthough the markets have been pretty choppy lately, we have seen strength in one segment of the investing world; commodities. Several natural resources have surged in recent trading, led by some soaring products in the agricultural commodity world.

In fact, the PowerShares DB Agricultural Fund (NYSEARCA:DBA) has actually gained more than 13% in the past one month time frame as supply issues have rocked several resources in this segment. This supply problem is especially apparent when you drill down into some of the leaders in this corner of the market such as the following 4 agricultural commodities which have all added more than 10% in the past month:

ETF/ETN One Month Performance
iPath Dow Jones UBS Livestock ETN (COW – ETF report) +10.1%
Teucrium Wheat ETF (WEAT – ETF report) +14.2%
iPath Dow Jones UBS Sugar ETN (SGG – ETF report) +10.1%
iPath Dow Jones UBS Coffee ETN (JO – ETF report) +47.3%

What is Behind This Surge? 

For more on what is driving these four agricultural commodities higher, make sure to watch our short video below:

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