A Closer Look At Recent Strength In The Spain ETF

spainCorey Rosenbloom: If you think the US S&P 500 has been non-stop bullish, have you seen Spain?

Spain’s Bolsa de Madrid IBEX 35 Index along with the related iShares ETF (NYSEARCA:EWP) have been incredibly strong since the July 2013 low, overtaking the S&P 500 on a Relative Strength basis.

Let’s take a look at Spain’s strength and what’s happening now:

Spain Bolsa de Madrid IBEX Stock market index technical analysis daily chart global

Through 2013, Spain’s IBEX traded within a declining parallel trendline channel pattern which experienced a clean price breakout into August.

After a small “abc” retracement back to test the falling upper trendline into the 8,400 level, buyers have been relentless and sellers have been exiting (buying-back to cover losses) which helped propel the index in an almost non-stop positive feedback loop or pro-trend impulse to the upside.

The recent breakout gap above 9,500 has been extremely strong, similar to the persistent upside action off the 8,400 level in September.

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