Apple Inc. (AAPL): Mass Production Of Apple Watch Starting Soon

Lawsuit Against Apple’s Alleged Music Restrictions Can Go Ahead After All

Last week, a recently revived 10-year-old class-action lawsuit against Apple looked like it might be thrown out of court. The suit claimed that Apple violated antitrust laws by using software on iPods that prevented them from being able to play music bought at competitors’ stores.

The problem last week was that the judge disqualified the one remaining plaintiff, who it turned out hadn’t actually bought an iPod in the time period covered by the lawsuit. That left the case without any plaintiffs — until a woman who read about the case online volunteered to take the disqualified plaintiff’s place.

Apple claims that the software was necessary to prevent copyright theft. If Apple loses the case, it could conceivably have to pay over $1 billion to the eight million consumers who would be affected by the ruling.

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By Diana Primavera, ETF Daily News

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