Apple Inc. (AAPL) Pay Will Expand Around The World

Could the Watch Be Apple’s Most Successful Product Ever?

An analyst for Global Equities Research thinks that the Apple Watch, which is expected to debut in the Spring, could be the most successful product that Apple ever made. He thinks every iPhone user will want the Watch because it will save them trouble of having to take their iPhones out of their pockets just to glance at some information, then put them away — a ritual he said users perform an average of 110 times per day.

Although this is an unusually optimistic prediction, excitement about the Apple Watch is widespread, as is the hype. A jewelry company is now taking pre-orders for a diamond-encrusted Apple Watch that it plans to sell for $30,000.

Invesco PowerShares QQQ

To invest in AAPL while diversifying your portfolio, consider an ETF such as QQQ, which tracks the NASDAQ 100 Index and currently has 14.10 percent of its holdings in AAPL.

By Diana Primavera, ETF Daily News

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