Apple Inc.: China Says The iPhone Is A Threat To National Security

apple chinaApple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) rose 1.07 percent during the last week, from the close of trading Thursday, July 3, to close of trading Thursday, July 10. It easily beat the market, which fell during the same time period — Nasdaq dropping 2.0 percent, the Dow dropping 0.9 percent, and the S&P 500 dropping 1.05 percent.

China Says the iPhone is a Threat to National Security

On Friday, Chinese state-owned media said that the “Frequent Locations” function on the iPhone, which tracks and timestamps users’ locations, could reveal a country’s economic situation and even state secrets.

New Health Features for iOS 8

A new developer beta version of iOS 8 reveals that devices using the operating system will be able to track steps and calories on their own, instead of only being able to compile that information from outside third-party providers, which is what was originally thought. Apple observers expect that more built-in features will be added by the time iOS 8 goes from beta to launch.

Google’s Two New Smartwatches

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) hopes to be able to compete with Apple’s much-anticipated iWatch. On Monday, it offered two new smartwatches in the Google Play store, one made by Samsung (OOTC: SSNLF) and the other by LG (NYSE: LG). Both run on Google’s Android Wear platform.

Rumors of the Week

The big rumor of the week is that the release of the iWatch may be later than expected. Previously, Apple observers thought the iWatch would debut in September, 2014. Now, the speculation is that the iWatch won’t come out until November and that the total 2014 shipments of the device will be 40 percent lower than earlier estimates.

Also this week, Apple announced that it had hired the former VP of sales at luxury watch company Tag Heuer, leading to speculation that he will be involved in the iWatch debut, perhaps positioning the device as a luxury fashion item.

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