As Foreign Military Strength Grows, Is American Soil Still Safe?

american dreamRecent headlines about our country’s changing policy on amnesty and immigration and news of rioting and racial tensions swirling about from the Midwestern town of Ferguson, Missouri have filled our newspapers, webpages and even our social media accounts. While these stories are certainly important, other equally important stories, have received little attention. Unfortunately, this lack of attention could easily cause us to experience deep regrets in the months and years to come.

Growing Threats

For a time after the end of the Cold War, Russia seemed to be focused on rebuilding its economy and creating a more secure life for her people. In recent years, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin has actually been just as focused on rebuilding Russia’s military strength as he has been on attracting industry and improving the lives of the average Russian citizen.

Putin has been quite successful in not only strengthening his army, but also in displaying this power for all the world to watch as Russian tanks rolled into the Ukrainian countryside just a few months ago. In addition to this and other highly visible displays of military might, it is probable that Russia’s nuclear program is also growing at a rapid pace.

Iran and North Korea: Unknown Factors in the Nuclear Race

Both Iran and North Korea have been open about their desire to be given approval to enrich the uranium needed for the development of nuclear weapons. A December 2nd story in the Washington Free Beacon lists a disturbing amount of missiles and other weaponry unveiled by Iran on December 1, shortly after nuclear talks with the United States broke down.

Many of these weapons have the versatility and range to be fired from both submarine and surface vessels, making them particularly easy to move and fire in a variety of scenarios. In addition, Iran has added warships, helicopters and other weaponry, as well as made significant improvements in their use of radar in both offensive and defensive strategies.

North Korea also continues to be a bit of a wildcard in the nuclear arms race. With little intelligence information coming from inside the country itself, the facts about North Korea are comprised from past data gathered over years of intelligence gathering along with a healthy dose of speculation. In any case, however, North Korea should not be taken lightly.

In fact, an October 24th article in The New York Times stated that one of our highest ranking military commanders believes that North Korea has recently achieved success in developing a small nuclear weapon that could be launched atop a ballistic missile. While this success may be a reason for celebration in North Korea, Americans should shudder to think they may well be the ones in the cross hairs of this type of miniature nuke.

Lights Out for America?

As nuclear weapons and the ability to enrich uranium becomes more available to unstable countries like Iran and North Korea the threats to America rise proportionately higher.

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