How To Use ETFs To Diversify Away From The US Dollar

As the U.S. dollar depreciates because of  increased government spending, investors may turn to exchange traded funds (ETFs) to defend their wealth. Here’s how. The U.S. dollar is under attack and there are several factors that are eating away at the dollar’s strength, remarks Ron DeLegge for ETF Guide. The Chinese yuan is being pushed […]

The Dollar Gets Taken To The Woodshed; How To Play It With ETF’s!

The U.S. Dollar is crumbling, down 3.25% this month.  Reality is finally sinking in: enormous budget deficits, out-of-control spending, monster bailouts, and banana republic tactics have put a bulls-eye on the greenback.  Don’t get trampled as the dollar gets taken to the woodshed! Fortunately, some ETFs and ETNs are designed to exploit such an environment.  […]

China Flexes Its Muscles And Finds Support In A Bid To Dump The US Dollar As The World’s Main Reserve Currency

Finance officials from Beijing in Moscow on Thursday held a videoconference to discuss the creation of a “supra-national reserve currency,” the latest evidence of the support China is getting from developing countries as it seeks to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s main reserve currency. This controversial proposal – and the support that it’s […]


My picture describes what the US dollar has become.  The US government has spent in the tune of 13 TRILLION DOLLARS on this crisis!  This will take decades to pay back.  Benefit from a degrading dollar by using ETF – UDN.  The investment UDN seeks to track the price & yield performance, before fees and […]