Creation Of S&P 500 ETFs Rises To All Time High [Dow Jones Industrial Average 2 Minute, SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust]

etfsTyler Durden: As if trying to figure out the impact of the central banks’ balance sheets and China’s record debt creation on stocks wasn’t enough of a complexity (actually it really isn’t that complex) for a market where fundamentals haven’t mattered in 5 years, there is also the issue of ETF basket creation, best known for the daily 3:30 pm ramp when ETFs catch up with their underlying components in a rising market, giving it all a pro cyclical turbo boost.

It is here that SocGen reports that in the past fortnight, there was record equity ETF creation, mostly focusing on the S&P 500.  To wit:

In the last two weeks, ETFs listed in Europe posted record fortnight net share creations year-to-date, reaching $5.2bn, i.e. twice as high as the YtD  fortnightly average.This boost was primarily driven by record creations on equity ETFs ($3.5bn vs $1.3bn on average YtD) while fixed income and commodity indexations held up well, above YtD averages ($1.3bn share creations on fixed income ETFs and $350m on commodity ETFs).


Primary market: signals from ETF creations & redemptions

Equity ETFs: record creations were mainly driven by US equity indexations which claimed $1.7bn net creations on the period. One ETF in particular, Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF (VUSA LN), gathered nearly $1.1bn over the period which was not the result of an isolated asset allocation decision. In addition, iShares S&P 500 UCITS ETF (CSSPX LN) showed strong creations, partially driven by switches out of another iShares ETF providing the same exposure but suffering from higher management fees (IUSA LN). The other ETFs in the category contributed positively to total creations, signalling broad demand for US equity indices. Actually US equities look expensive in terms of P/BV ratios. However, in the context of an accelerating US economy as expected by our macro-economists, there may be reasons to remain confident in US equities as long as there are no sharp US rate hike or external shocks. In the eurozone, most regional and all country ETFs recorded net creations on the period, in contrast to UK and Swiss ETFs. Our equity strategists have been bullish eurozone equities for a number of reasons including structural reforms, reflation policy and the ECB’s accommodative stance.


Secondary market: signals from ETF premiums & discounts

Signals from premiums and discounts broadly match the primary market ones but we noticed some divergences with regards to US equities

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