Germany Secretly Planning On Joining BRICS-Jim Willie

When you factor inflation in properly . . . we got a monster recession of -6% or -7% right now.  I don’t think it will get better until the dollar is disposed of.  So, we’re entering the final phase of the dollar.”

In closing, Willie says, “You want to get rid of political obstacles?  Go straight to commerce and trade.

Why is it that Exxon Mobil is still doing projects in the Artic and still doing projects in the Black Sea, which is Crimea, with the Russians and their energy companies?

We already got the U.S. energy companies defying our own sanctions, and yet we are prosecuting French banks for doing the same thing.  This is insane.  We are losing control.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

This article is brought to you courtesy of Greg Hunter from USA Watch Dog.

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