Highlighting Current ETF Sector Performance

new etfsCorey Rosenbloom: In a follow-up to this morning’s “Planning the Daily and Weekly S&P 500 Chart,” let’s add a quick glance at the current state of ETF relative performance to highlight the two top and two bottom Sector ETFs in terms of performance.

Here’s the broader picture chart (click to enlarge):

Sector Rotation Amex Sector SPDR performance ETFs

The purpose of this chart is to get a quick glance of AMEX Sector ETF (exchange traded fund) performance relative to the May 2013 peak (comparing current price relative to the mid-2013 peak).

What we want to see is the top two performing sectors along with the bottom two sectors.

In percentage or even visual comparison terms, only two Sector ETFs are currently trading above their mid-2013 High:

  • XLI Industrials (up roughly 1.6% from the May high)
  • XLY Consumer Discretionary (up just over 1% from its May high)

With that same type of logic, the two worst performing sectors relative to their mid-2013 high are as follows:

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