Investment Demand Will Continue to Support Robust Gold Market During 2010 (GLD)

Demand for gold will remain robust during 2010 as a result of accelerating demand from India and China, as well as increasing global investment demand driven by continuing uncertainty over┬ápublic debt and economic recovery, the World Gold Council (“WGC”) said.

According to the WGC’s Gold Demand Trends report for Q2 2010, published today, demand for gold for the rest of 2010 will be underpinned by the following market forces:

    - India and China will continue to provide the main thrust of
      overall growth in demand, particularly for gold jewellery, for the
      remainder of 2010.
    - Retail investment will continue to be a substantial source of
      gold demand in Europe.
    - Over the longer-term, demand for gold in China is expected to
      grow considerably. A report recently published by The People's Bank of
      China and five other organisations to foster the development of the
      domestic gold market will add impetus to the growth in gold ownership
      among Chinese consumers.
    - Electronics demand is likely to return to higher historic levels
      after the sector exhibited further signs of recovery, especially in the
      US and Japan.

Marcus Grubb, Managing Director, Investment at the WGC commented:

“Economic uncertainties and the ongoing search for less volatile and more diversified assets such as gold will underpin investment demand for gold in the immediate future. Further, in light of lingering concerns over public debt levels and the euro, European retail investor demand has increased significantly.

“Over the past quarter, demand for gold jewellery in key Asian markets has been challenged by rising local prices. Nevertheless, we are seeing a deceleration in the pace of decline in demand, providing a strong outlook for ongoing recovery in this crucial market segment.”


    - Total gold demand[1] in Q2 2010 rose by 36% to 1,050 tonnes,
      largely reflecting strong gold investment demand compared to the second
      quarter of 2009. In US$ value terms, demand increased 77% to $40.4
    - Investment demand[2] was the strongest performing segment
      during the second quarter, posting a rise of 118% to 534.4 tonnes
      compared with 245.4 tonnes in Q2 2009.
    - The largest contribution to this rise came from the ETF
      segment of investment demand, which grew by 414% to 291.3 tonnes, the
      second highest quarter on record.
    - Physical gold bar demand, which largely covers the non-western
      markets, rose 29% from Q2 2009 to 96.3 tonnes.
    - Global jewellery demand remained robust in Q2 2010. In the
      face of surging price levels, consumption totalled 408.7 tonnes during
      the second quarter of 2010, just 5% below year-earlier levels.
    - Gold jewellery demand in India, the largest jewellery market, was
      little changed from year-earlier levels, down just 2% at 123.0 tonnes.
      In local currency terms, this translates to a 20% increase in the value
      Of demand to Rp216 billion.
    - China saw demand for gold jewellery increase by 5% to 75.4
      tonnes[3]. While growth in demand in tonnage terms was hindered by
      extreme weather conditions, the growth in the local currency value
      measure of demand was 35% to RMB 19.8 billion.
    - With the return of demand for consumer electronics,
      industrial demand grew by 14% to 107.2 tonnes, compared to Q2 2009.

Marcus Grubb added:

“While many investors turned to gold as a ‘flight to quality’ in response to the uncertain financial environment, this interest has proved resilient even though a sense of optimism has started to return to some sectors of the investment community. In addition to the ETF market and physical bar and coin market, the demand for gold through internet based investment platforms is likely to provide further sources of investment demand.” (Related ETF: SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE:GLD))

The full 2010 Q2 Gold Demand Trends report, which includes comprehensive data for the second quarter of 2010, can be viewed at:

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