Jim Rogers: Get Out of Stocks; Buy Gold, Silver and Agriculture (SLV, GLD, AGQ, TZA, SDS)

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: Wall Street’s old guard of economists tell us the U.S. economy is recovering.  However, famed commodities trader Jim Rogers disagrees.  In fact, Rogers is betting the U.S. economy tanks in the “foreseeable future” and suggests investors stay away from stocks and buy goldsilver and agriculture commodities, instead.

“This [financial crisis] is all going to end badly for the West” Rogers told Business Insider’s (BI) Henry Blodget. Get my next ALERT 100% FREE

Blodget pointed to University of Pennsylvania economist Jeremy Seigel’s interview with CNBC on Apr. 26, when Seigel suggested that “stocks are most attractive in over half a century.”

Rogers retorted, “That’s a remarkable statement . . . Maybe I should go out and short some stocks . . . I don’t think this is the most exciting time to buy stocks . . . I don’t own any stocks in the U.S.”  In some cases, Rogers has taken a step further by shorting stocks.

Moreover, as early as last week, Rogers told the Wall Street Journal he believes the economy in the U.S. will be bad enough to anticipates civil unrest across America.  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and labor statistics painted as rosy, or improving, by Washington’s various departments don’t jibe with the real world—a complaint routinely raised by Rogers.  The economic numbers are “doctored,” according to Rogers, and he believes the statistics lately have been especially doctored due to an election year.

“I’m more worried about those kind of problems [rioting] in the U.S. and Europe; this is where social unrest is going to be worse,” Rogers told the Journal.  “I would suspect that, when economic conditions get worse here and get worse in Europe, we’re going to see . . . you’ve seen governments fail in Europe; you’ve seen countries fail in Europe. I suspect you’re going to see more of it [rioting], yes.

“We saw it in London; we’ve seen it in several countries in Europe in the last year or two.  Yes, I expect to see it here, too.  If you don’t, look out your window.”

Rogers hasn’t changed his mind since that interview with the Journal, and told BI the run-up in stocks since the March 2009 low of 666 on the S&P has exhausted itself, as the S&P typically leads the economy, not the other way around.  Investors of stocks will be profoundly disappointment in the coming couple of years, according to Rogers.

“The economy is going to be bad within the foreseeable future, and the markets look ahead,” Rogers said.  “I don’t see this as a great time to buy stocks at all.”

Rogers said he’s betting on goldsilver and agriculture commodities as the winners for the remainder of the decade as more and more investors realize they must jump ship on stocks and board the commodities bull market to preserve wealth as was the scenario of the 1970s and the bull market in tangibles a that time.

Long term, “I’m very pessimistic about the U.S. dollar,” and “it’s going the way of pound sterling when it lost its status as the world’s reserve currency . . . I own gold.”

If gold prices drop, Rogers said he’s a buyer, and he expects the bull market in gold won’t end until it, too, reaches a bubble sometime in “2019-21.”

Source: Business Insiderclip one (1) and clip two.

(1) Note:  Clip one was left out of the Business Insider’s presentation of the Rogers interview posted on its website.  Clip one more accurately reveals Rogers’ overarching thesis of the economic and investment climate for the future.  Clip two is the second half of the interview.  Henry Blodget represents the mainstream Wall Street point-of-view, but he also understands that the candid Jim Rogers draws a tremendous following of viewers.  So, it appears BI may have massaged the interview with Rogers through a method of omission.  Comments made by Rogers in clip one weigh more heavily among investors seeking a long-term strategy for their investments.  Comments made by Rogers in clip two expound on comments made in clip one.

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