Most ETFs Highly Liquid and Marketable, FocusShares CEO Says

The liquidity and marketability of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are still widely misunderstood by professional and individual investors, said Erik Liik, president and CEO of FocusShares LLC, in a statement today.

“Quantitative Update: ETFs and Retail Alternative Products and Services”

A survey conducted for a new Cerulli Associates research report, “Quantitative Update: ETFs and Retail Alternative Products and Services,” highlighted this issue when it found that nearly 70 percent of ETF sponsors said misunderstandings about liquidity and trading volume hindered potential sales.

Liik defined liquidity as the ability to buy or sell an ETF close to its net asset value, which is the value of underlying securities minus fees. Most ETFs – especially domestic equity funds – are highly liquid, Liik said, because each ETF share is invested in liquid securities. It’s relatively easy for investors to know whether they are buying or selling an ETF at or close to net asset value because every 15 seconds the estimated NAV of each ETF is made available to the public.

The Cerulli report notes that investors are “falsely weary” that the association between volume and liquidity “will hinder their ability to move large positions in and out of funds with low volume.”

ETF shares can be created and redeemed instantly, depending on market demand, Liik said. “Filling large orders is easily done with ETFs,” he said.

Liik goes into more detail on liquidity and marketability of ETFs in his latest blog for

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