Paris Attacks: There Are Major Implications For Europe

Going forward, we will see a stronger coalition against ISIS from the west, possibly with Russia on our side (but that’s tricky as Russia wants to keep Assad in).

Hopefully, more of the boots on the ground will come from the Middle Eastern countries that also need to rid itself of ISIS. We’d provide fewer boots, and more training, weapons and air support…

But make no mistake – we now have a mini World War III here.

And while we will win this war against terrorism, it will likely only get worse for about four years at first.

Hunker down. Stocks and our economy have to fight the perfect storm of worsening demographics, a debt and financial asset bubble that has only grown bigger with more to deleverage, and now an acceleration of geopolitical challenges.

Our sympathies and support should go out to France and Europe, as their proximity to the threat put them at far more risk to terror attacks than us. Although ISIS has warned that D.C. is next.

Mark my words: I believe 2016 will be a worse year and crash than 2008. Everything is starting to go wrong. Protect yourself on any rallies just ahead. Stocks are currently oversold and could bounce, but not likely for more than a week or two before starting to crash again.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Harry Dent.

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