Russell To Begin Trading The Russell 2000 High Momentum ETF (SHMO) Friday May 27 (UPDATE)

Russell will begin trading its new “Russell 2000 High Momentum ETF” (NYSE:SHMO) Friday, May 27, 2011. The Fund seeks investment results that closely correspond to the total return of the Russell-Axioma U.S. Small Cap High Momentum Index.

Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses: 0.69%

Principal Investment Strategies of the Fund

The Fund is an index-based exchange-traded fund that seeks investment results that closely correspond to the total return of the Russell-Axioma U.S. Small Cap High Momentum Index (the “Index”). RIMCo uses a “passive” or indexing approach to try to achieve the Fund’s investment objective. Unlike many investment companies, the Fund does not try to “beat” the Index it tracks and does not seek temporary defensive positions when markets decline or appear overvalued. The Fund seeks to gain exposure to the factor exhibited in its Index. The Fund’s investment objective and the index upon which the Fund seeks to track its performance may be changed without shareholder approval.

The Fund’s investment adviser, Russell Investment Management Company (“RIMCo”), using a replication strategy, generally invests in all of the stocks comprising the Index in proportion to their weightings in the Index. However, under various circumstances, it may not be possible or practicable to purchase all of those stocks in those weightings. In those circumstances, the Fund may purchase a sample of stocks in the Index. There may also be instances in which RIMCo may choose to overweight another stock in the Index, purchase securities not in the Index which RIMCo believes are appropriate to substitute for certain securities in the Index or utilize various combinations of other available investment techniques, in seeking to track the Index. The Fund may sell stocks that are represented in the Index in anticipation of their removal from the Index or purchase stocks not represented in the Index in anticipation of their addition to the Index. The Fund will normally invest at least 80% of its total assets in common stocks that comprise the Index.

The Index is designed to deliver exposure to stocks with high medium-term momentum as determined by a screening and ranking methodology applied to the output of the Axioma U.S. Equity Medium Horizon Fundamental Factor Risk model. Medium-term momentum is a measure of a stock’s past price performance as measured by cumulative return over the last 250 trading days, excluding the last 20 trading days. Stocks exhibiting high momentum can be used by investors to adjust momentum exposure in a portfolio. To construct an index that tracks stocks with high historic momentum, the Index starts with the Russell 2000® Index (an index comprised of U.S. small capitalization stocks) and ranks its constituents by medium-term momentum. Starting with the highest medium-term momentum stock, a target portfolio is created by adding the next highest medium-term momentum stocks until the target portfolio has a total capitalization of 35% of the Russell 2000 Index. The Index then selects a portfolio of up to 200 stocks of the Russell 2000 Index as its constituents to optimally track the returns of the target portfolio while managing turnover and neutralizing exposure to other factors, such as beta and volatility. To maintain its focus on high momentum stocks, the Index is reconstituted monthly.

Unlike more traditional equity market indexes which seek to track the performance of a specific segment of the equity market, the Index is intended to provide a specific factor exposure. Russell Factor ETFs may be used by investors to seek to moderate the risk represented by an over or underweight to a specific factor in their portfolio rather than to seek market returns.

The Index is sponsored by Frank Russell Company (“Russell” or the “Index Provider”), an affiliate of the Fund and RIMCo. The Index Provider determines the composition and relative weightings of the securities in the Index and publishes information regarding the market value of the Index. The Index is reconstituted monthly. Additional information regarding the Index Provider is provided in the “Index Provider” section of the Fund’s Prospectus.

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