Silver Manipulation Hits An Extreme, Most Oversold In 20 Years [iShares Silver Trust (ETF), SPDR Gold Trust (ETF)]

silver barsThe Silver Bug: The U.S. Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund team has been attributed as a major source of manipulation in the precious metals market.

We know they have a close relationship with the Federal Reserve and being located in the same building is no coincidence.

We know that one of the Federal Reserve’s main objectives is to keep the US dollar supremacy alive by any means possible.

One of these means is to keep the canary in the coal mine silent, precious metals.

One of the means that precious metals, most notably silver lately, is kept in line through the COMEX.

For years, precious metals investors have been entertaining the notion of a COMEX collapse and the ramifications that this would have on the precious metals market.

Many have said that this would be the event that truly sets the price of the physical market free, no longer chained by the bondage of the paper market.

For many of us currently invested in the silver market, never has the manipulation been so blatant and intense, but why?

PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics ponders this very question and comes to a conclusion that is becoming harder and harder for those involved in the manipulation to hide:

“Besides containing the upward price movement of gold and silver in order to support its effort to prop up the dying U.S. dollar, the question is, why is silver being hammered like this with Comex futures?

Ultimately, I believe a severe shortage of unencumbered physical bars for delivery into India and Asia has developed.  In the meantime, you can see from the 20-yr graph of silver that silver is, by far, more oversold than at any time in the last 20 years.”

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