Silver: No ‘Glitter’ Now and No Forecasted ‘Glitter’

Technically (weighting = 35%) there is almost always either a confirming or differing sets of current conditions to weigh from understanding the Charts. When the two – Fundamentals and Technicals – are confirming or in Sync is when you can invest with great confidence and have a very high probability of being profitable. I suggest to do otherwise is just another form of gambling.

My articles on SLVPAAS and SLW will provide you with an clear view of how I go about managing assets “Wisely.”

Consensus Opinion – (weighting = 25%): My third pillar of Research is one that is ALWAYS distorted (often badly distorted) to the Positive by most all financial analysts. I believe that’s because they are paid to be Bullish and afraid of being Bearish. I Am NOT! Please read: Long-Term Performance Record.


The Table below shares several of my Component Silver Indicators, a couple ETFs and a select list of component Companies. At this time, in their Bullish / Bearish Cycle they are not doing well, and have some clear negative variances or divergence in my Analytics of how they Forecast for the foreseeable future.

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Note: There are many more combinations of the above information with in my Forecasting / Analytic procedures. That ALL MUST BE IN PLACE before any investment decision can be prudently made. My Notes for Table will offer help to understand my Methodology of “Investing Wisely.” I hope this will provide you with guidance and future profitability.

Prudent Investment Decisions

Is it too late to Sell? At this time frame in this – Gold / Silver Bearish Cycle – the answer is No. It is never too late to sell in a Bearish Cycle. Identifying Bottoms is an ART as well as a SCIENCE. My ongoing General Market Bullish and Bearish Inflection Point Analytics presents Investment Opportunities only a few times per year. I hope that you are a Patient and Disciplined investor. There is much advice being offered to Buy these precious metals. I strongly suggest you to practice your patience awhile longer.

My work/analytics starts with Forecasting and ends with very selective Formal Recommendations for my Clients. In between it is a matter of waiting for the next General Market / Sectors / Commodities / Industry Groups to offer a new Bullish or Bearish Inflection Point / Cycle.


A Nine Year Perspective on the Silver / Precious Metals ($DJUSPT)

It has NOT always been like you are being told by so many who do not take the time to do their homework and exercise the necessary practice to “Investing Wisely.”

Another reminder: Industry Groups and their ETFs have taken some big hits over the years.

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You will also note that Gold / Silver HAS NOT replicated the S&P over the years.

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