SPDR Gold Trust (GLD): Why do I love gold so much?

goldrush: I’m traveling around Nevada this week, scouting gold miners. Nevada is one of the best places on Earth to be mining right now. And as a geologist reminded me yesterday, all the biggest mines in the world started out small, just like the up-and-comers I’m visiting.

Some of them could be among tomorrow’s giants. I’ll be reporting on the companies I discover in my new advisory service, which will launch later this year. In the meantime, I’ll post video interviews I conduct with mining executives on InvestmentU.com. To see the interviews I’ve done so far, click here.

In fact, as I write this, I’m about to go into an underground mine that’s so high grade, I’m told there are big visible flakes of gold in the ore.

Once you get out of Las Vegas, Nevada seems vast and empty… above the surface. But buried within the huge upthrusts of rock that are visible all over the countryside are some of the richest treasure troves imaginable.

Millions of years ago, as the Pacific tectonic plate ground against the North American plate, gold and other minerals bubbled near the surface. Along with nearly ripping away California, it twisted, bent and thrust the continent enough to push metallic deposits to just below the Earth’s crust.

The grinding of those two plates along the

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