SPDR Gold Trust (GLD): Why do I love gold so much?

look dirt-cheap right now. In fact, if current short-term trends hold, they may get cheaper. That’s fine by me. I’ll buy ‘em cheap as long as the long-term trends hold, because over the long run I think demand for gold can only go up.

There are big, fundamental trends in the world economy that are very supportive of gold’s long-term move higher.

What do I mean by that? Let me show you a map of global population density.

Map Circle

More people live inside that circle than live outside of it. You know what the people inside that circle generally have in common? A cultural affinity for gold. And now millions upon millions of them are joining the middle class.


Is that bullish for gold in the long term? Heck, yeah!

Since a trend like that exists, I want to be on the right side of it.

That’s why I’m in Nevada, seeking the best up-and-coming miners I can find.

I’ll write up the companies I visit, and I’m shooting plenty of video

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