Nine Basis Points With This ETF!

Pimco’s launch should be a big wake-up call to ETF investors. Has anyone noticed that Pimco, as of yesterday, is offering (now higher-yielding, lower-priced) short-term U.S. Treasuries at an expense ratio of 9 bps (0.09%)? Hougan notes that the new fund (NYSE Arca: TUZ) traded 300,000 shares on its first day, and I expect it’ll […]

4 ETF’s Which Provide The Best Hedges Against Inflation

Underground investor David Fessler, writing at Investment U, says the four best hedges against inflation are gold, inflation-adjusted Treasuries, energy stocks and commodities such as wheat, metals, cattle and fertilizer. 1) Gold David recommends investors hold 5% of their portfolio in gold to hedge against a declining dollar and an inflationary economy. He says investors […]

The New MacroShares ETFs Revealed

The biggest news in ETF-land over the next month could be the launch of the MacroShares home price ETFs. Or, maybe we shouldn’t say ETFs.  MacroShares is going to great lengths to remind people that these are not technically ETFs; they’re exchange-traded products, or ETPs. Understanding that difference is the key to understanding how these products […]

Four New Direxion ETFs List on NYSE Arca

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Direxion Funds, a pioneer in providing alternative investment strategies to sophisticated investors, today began trading four new ETFs designed to track the recently debuted NYSE Current U.S. Treasury Indexes. The four new Direxion ETFs are: Fund Name   Symbol Direxion Daily 10-Year Treasury Bull 3X Shares   TYD Direxion Daily 10-Year Treasury Bear […]

ETF Expert: Should You Be Buying What China Buys?

Historically speaking, U.S. Federal Reserve policy had a direct and sometimes predictable impact on investment direction. In the 20th century, lower overnight lending rates meant good things for stocks. And, if the Fed tightened its grip by raising target rates, you might cut back your equity exposure with great success. As we arrived in the 21st century, however, the results of “following […]