Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Stock Trouble Ahead?

down plunging pricesLooking at Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) from the fundamentals is Zachary Karabell, president of River Twice Research. ” They certainly have proven that there’s a different way to manufacture cars [and] there’s a different technology that can fuel cars,” says Karabell. Still, while he’s a fan of what the company does, its valuation may be a different issue. “I have every confidence this is going to be one of the great disruptive companies even though I don’t think the stock is currently well-priced.”

Jeff Tomasulo, Managing Partner at Belpointe, says the stock’s parabolic price movement makes it tough for technical analysis. “When you have a stock that explodes and looks completely vertical,” says Tomasulo, “It’s really hard to make good decisions on what’s true support and what’s not true support [for the stock price].”

Still, Tomasulo says there are three key levels of support for the stock. Right now, the stock is getting close to the first one he sees, $140 per share.

To see where Karabell on the fundamentals and Tomasulo on the technicals think Tesla is headed next, watch the video below.

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