Women Want Big Boobs In Venezuela And There Are Not Enough Breast Implants To Go Around [Dow Chemical Co(NYSE:DOW), Allergan, Inc.(NYSE:AGN), InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc(CVE:MSC.H)]

implantsWe’ve had nothing but serious Slap in the Face Awards for a while, so here’s a funny one. It goes out to Venezuela this week for its attempts to control just about everything about its economy. But, especially how much its citizens spend outside the country.

In addition to having a boatload of socialist whackjobs running the place and a very possible default in 2015, it also has a medical problem directly related to the limit of $300 in foreign currency it allows each citizen yearly.

The problem: not enough breast implants to go around. I’m not kidding. It has gotten so bad that in addition to street protests about too little food and an economy in the toilet, protest signs are showing up complaining about the scarcity of breast implants.

It can’t get enough breast implants for all the women who want them. It doesn’t have enough U.S. dollars. And a lot of women want big boobs in Venezuela.

How many? There were

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