Yahoo! Inc.(YHOO): Can They Keep Their Users Happy?

yahoo apple: Somebody needs to tell Yahoo! Inc.(NASDAQ:YHOO) that change isn’t always good. It’s a lesson most tech companies, including Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) and Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) – not to mention many politicians – never quite seem to learn. They’re constantly looking to make their products new and improved, retouching one major feature, eliminating another, and adding a handful more… often to the irritation and downright outrage of their consumer base.

To some degree, those mistakes are understandable considering how fast the technological times are changing.

It used to be that a trend could easily last for decades, if not longer. While tiny traits might be altered and usability would increase, the actual device stayed largely the same. The record player, for instance, can trace its origin to Thomas Edison in 1877 and didn’t change much for the next century.

But things sped up after 1965 with the public debut of the cassette player. That nifty advance took some time to catch on, but it ultimately managed to hang around for a while. Until compact discs (CDs) became the new craze in the 1990s, anyway. And the 2000s have largely been about

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