With or Without Germany & Japan, Life Goes On For Uranium Producers (URA, CCJ, BHP, DNN, RIO, URZ)

George S. Mack: Investors may still be holding their breath, but larger mining companies aren't waiting around for the price of uranium to go up. No, indeed, they are buying smaller companies on the cheap. In this exclusive interview with
NYSE:URA May 13, 2012 9:50pm

Why Canada’s Deal With China Could Produce A Boom In Uranium Explorers (URA, CCJ, RIO, DNN, BHP)

Jeb Handwerger: Canadian uranium producers (NYSEARCA:URA) can now compete with Kazakhstan, Australia and Russia to sell uranium to China. Canada produces about 20% of the world's uranium and exports over 80% of annual
NYSE:NLR May 11, 2012 10:07am

Good Intentions Bad Directions (URA, URZ, UUU, DNN, CCJ, UEC, URRE)

Richard Mills: As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information

NYSE:URA March 23, 2012 11:45am

Why Uranium Stocks Are Poised To Profit From A Nuclear Renaissance (URA, CCJ, UEC, DNN, UUU, URZ, URRE)

Jason Simpkins:  Uranium stocks got hammered last year in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.  But now, roughly one year later, uranium mining stocks have finally begun to bounce back

NYSE:URA March 22, 2012 11:16pm

$70 Uranium Prices Predicted For 2013 (URA, URZ, PDN, CCJ, URZ)

George S. Mack:  With the "Megatons to Megawatts" program scheduled to end soon, uranium market dynamics are shifting. Geordie Mark, a uranium analyst with Haywood Securities in Vancouver,

NYSE:URA March 13, 2012 11:27pm

Bo Chew: Select Gold, Silver Mid Caps For Near-Term Action (GLD, GDX, GDXJ, AEM, KGC, CCJ, NG, MVG)

Zig Lambo:  With high market volatility, running a small fund like the Magna Opportunity Fund, which seeks to deliver exceptional returns, requires nimble management. In this exclusive interview with

NYSE:GDX March 11, 2012 9:39am

China-Canadian Trade Talks Open Doors For Uranium Producers (URA, NLR, CCJ)

Tom Essaye:  While the world has been consumed watching the geo-political events unfolding in Europe and the Middle East, I think one of the most interesting  events of the year quietly occurred this month between China and Canada.

NYSE:NLR March 9, 2012 1:46pm

Mark Lackey: The Nuclear Sector Is On The Cusp Of A Comeback (NLR, URA, CCJ, RIO, DNN)

Brian Sylvester:  Emerging from the shadow of Fukushima, the nuclear sector (NYSEArca:NLR) is on the cusp of a comeback, according to Mark Lackey, chief investment strategist with Toronto-based Pope & Company.

NYSE:NLR March 8, 2012 11:59pm

Why Uranium Is Presenting A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity (URA, CCJ, DNN, UUU, URZ, EXC)

George S. Mack:  Despite the Fukushima setback of last March, nuclear power is not a dinosaur industry of the past, according to Jeb Handwerger, editor of Gold Stock Trades. In fact, he believes the world is reawakening to the need for nuclear power generation, which demands increasing amounts of

NYSE:URA March 2, 2012 12:50pm

Is The Rise In Uranium Miners Forecasting a Near Term Supply Shortfall? (CCJ, RIO, USO, FLR, URA, BWC)

Jeb Handwerger:  We have constantly advocated investments in uranium mining (NYSEArca:URA), particularly in friendly jurisdictions such as North America.  This support of the nuclear sector (NYSEArca:NLR) has often been in the face of formidable attacks by naysayers, using every weapon in their

NYSE:NLR February 27, 2012 2:21pm

Investors Returning To Undervalued Uranium Miners (EWJ, NLR, URA, REMX, SO, URZ, UEC, CCJ, DNN, URRE)

Jeb Handwerger: Gold Stock Trades will not regale you with the growing presence of nuclear facilities throughout the world despite the German (NYSEArca:EWG) and Japanese (NYSEArca:EWJ) negative stance. It is well known that reactors (NYSEArca:NLR) are going to come online in
NASDAQ:NUCL February 6, 2012 1:15pm

Is Nuclear Power Safe Yet? (URA, EWJ, NLR, CCJ, FXI)

David Gillie: On March 11, 2011 an earthquake hit off the coast of Japan (NYSEArca:EWJ) and sent a tidal wave across the northern part of the island causing massive damage of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. A crisis of epic proportion hit this island nation—the only place on earth to have had two
NYSE:EWJ January 23, 2012 4:07pm

Year In Review: Long-Term Uranium Stock Prospects Trend Higher (URA, URRE, DNN, CCJ, URZ, UEC)

The Energy Report: At the beginning of 2011, analysts everywhere championed a "renaissance" of nuclear power. The Japanese tsunami and subsequent Fukishima nuclear accident in March challenged market sentiment; spot prices and stocks alike suffered setbacks. The Energy Report has been there for
NYSE:URA December 22, 2011 6:04pm

David Talbot: The Uranium Industry Is Alive and Well (URA, RIO, CCJ, UEC, URZ, NUCL, KEP)

George Mack: The Fukushima disaster cast a shadow on the uranium mining industry, but Dundee Capital Markets Vice President and Senior Mining Analyst David A. Talbot sees very strong fundamentals, especially in the absence of substitutes for nuclear generation. Such a premise suggests that
NASDAQ:NUCL December 14, 2011 6:07pm

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