Beyond The PIIGS, 3 Troubled European ETFs To Watch (EWK, EWU, EWQ, TOT, SNY, BUD)

Eric Dutram: Thanks to ongoing issues in countries like Spain and Greece, the focus of many investors continues to be on the PIIGS group of nations. These five countries—Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain—are often thought to be some of the weakest
NYSE:EWK June 27, 2012 11:56am

Rigged Gold Market, A Secret Payoff To China (GLD, SLV, IAU, PHYS, AGQ)

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: As Italian and Spanish 10-year note yields breakout to ‘engine light’ levels of more than 6 and 7 percent, respectively, the China-led BRICS announced at the G-20 in Mexico an additional $95.5 billion ‘contribution’ to the IMF’s emergency
NYSE:GLD June 19, 2012 3:59pm

Election Results: Greece Is Still Doomed And So Is The Rest Of Europe (GREK, EWP, EUO, EWG, VGK, FXE)

Michael Snyder: The election results from Greece (NYSEARCA:GREK) are in and the pro-bailout forces have won, but just barely.  It is being projected that the pro-bailout New Democracy party
NYSE:EWI June 17, 2012 11:17pm

Eurozone Debt Crisis: The Greek Elections Are A Make Or Break Moment (VGK, EUO, FXE, VWO, EWG)

Martin Hutchinson: What happens this Sunday, June 17 , may be the trigger for a final resolution of the Eurozone debt crisis.  Now I understand that you probably don't follow Greek elections. But this is one you'll want to keep an eye on.
NYSE:EUO June 15, 2012 11:13am

21 Signs That Global Financial Markets Could Be In For A Long Summer (XLF, FAS, FAZ, SKF, JPM, BAC, C, MS)

Michael Snyder: The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be very similar to the summer of 2008.  Things look incredibly bleak for the global economy right now. 
NYSE:FAS June 4, 2012 10:11pm

The Greatest Debt Bubble In The History Of The World Is Going To Burst (TZA, SDS, GLD, SLV, FAZ, AGQ)

Michael Snyder: What the Republican Party has done to fiscal conservatives over the past year and a half has been a betrayal so vast that it is difficult to find words to describe it. 
NYSE:AGQ June 3, 2012 10:47pm

Eurobonds: The Issue That Could Shatter Europe (EWG, EUO, FXE, EWI, EWP, VGK)

Michael Snyder: Would you pool your debt with a bunch of debt addicts that have no intention of reducing their wild spending habits?  Of course you wouldn't.  But that is exactly what Germany (NYSEARCA:EWG) is being asked to do.  Increasingly, "eurobonds"
NYSE:EUO May 24, 2012 11:59am

Debt Bubble: Eventually Our Debt-Fueled False Prosperity Is Going To Disappear (XLF, FAS, FAZ, SKF, TZA)

Michael Snyder: Why isn't the U.S. economy in a depression right now?  The number one reason is because the federal government has stolen more than five trillion dollars
NYSE:FAS May 21, 2012 10:56pm

Jim Cramer: Predicts Bank Runs In Spain & Italy; Financial Anarchy Throughout Europe (FAS, FAZ, XLF)

Michael Snyder: During an appearance on Meet The Press on Sunday, Jim Cramer of CNBC boldly predicted that "financial anarchy" is coming to Europe
NASDAQ:EUFN May 20, 2012 9:30pm

Why A Greek Exit From The Euro Would Mean The End Of The Euro Zone (EUO, EWG, VGK, FXE, EWP, EWI)

Michael Snyder: What was considered unthinkable a few months ago has now become probable.  All over the globe there are headlines proclaiming that a Greek exit from the euro
NYSE:EUO May 14, 2012 11:46pm

Europe: Why The Eurozone Debt Crisis Never Really Went Away (EIRL, EWP, EWI, EWG, VGK, IEV)

David Zeiler: How many times have we been told the Eurozone debt crisis is resolved, only to have it turn up again like a bad penny? Last year's string of good news/ bad news on the Eurozone debt crisis had the markets going up and down like a yo-yo until the routine grew so tiresome that most people stopped

NYSE:EIRL May 3, 2012 11:34am

Smart Money Banking Big On Gold & Silver Prices To Soar (GLD, SLV, IAU, AGQ, ZSL, SGOL)

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: Short positions positioned by the smart money stand at the lowest level since the start of gold‘s near-double in price and silver‘s near-triple price surge of 2009.

NYSE:AGQ May 1, 2012 11:11am

22 Warning Signs Of Serious Doom Ahead For Global Financial Markets (GLD, SLV, TZA, FAS, SDS)

Michael Snyder: If you enjoy watching financial doom, then you are quite likely to really enjoy the rest of 2012.  Right now, red flags are popping up all over the place.  Corporate insiders are selling off stock

NYSE:FAS April 24, 2012 10:46pm

Euro Collapse: While Everybody Is Watching Spain, It Is France That Could Topple (EWP, EWQ, EWI, EUO)

Martin Hutchinson: Commentators are wringing their hands again, worried the troubles in Spain (NYSEARCA:EWP) could cause the whole euro project to collapse. As a result, all eyes are now on Spanish 10-year debt yields, which went above 6% last week as the threat of euro-chaos returned.

NYSE:EUO April 18, 2012 12:06pm

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